Sunday, September 18, 2011


I have always had a strong desire to teach. I believe it is a God given desire. I believe it is something we should all be doing.  If Jesus lives in your heart then you possess more wisdom and knowledge than the "average Joe". Your eyes have been open to the greatest treasure in all of creation. This wisdom is not meant to be kept to yourself . You must share it! You must teach everyone you come in contact with of the love of Jesus. You must be compelled to reveal such knowledge in such a passionate way, that others are compelled to seek for more; more wisdom, more courage ,more love. Jesus was the ultimate teacher, laying life lessons out in parables, so we all could understand. Living such a life that He was beyond reproach He could back up the lessons he taught with integrity and love like no other. He used the authority given him by God to teach the masses. They  are willing to be taught. Teach them. Love them . Disciple them. Compel them ! TEACH!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Know what i am sayin?

Oh give thanks to the Lord! Call upon His name; Make known His deeds among the peoples.Psalm 105:1
I use to have a habit, and sometimes still do: I would  add this tag at the end of my statement ;"know what I'm sayin?" and this morning, right now, today, I am asking myself  "Do I know what I am saying? Am i aware of the words that come out of my mouth? "  sometimes i just talk in conversation without considering the results of what i am saying. I am sure that I am not alone in this area. so today i would like to encourage us all to be thankful with our speech to be encouraging to those around us to make known the amazing things that God is doing in our lives. Lets quit complaining , lets quit criticizing ! the bible tells us from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh so your mouth tells you and everyone else around you what is inside your heart! Our prayer should be Lord fill our hearts with your peace compassion joy and love so that it spills out my mouth onto everyone i come in contact with! When the heart changes so does the speech, know what Im sayin???

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Life is not always what we want it to be! I mean let it be said there are days that just stink!! The kids don't mind even when you whip out the ever treacherous threats I am going to ground, spank, take your cell phone or the many other options we could supply...Its raining and your car is on E which means you have to get out in the rain before taking those newly labeled heathens for children that you have to school!!! You ever had one of those days? We all do!!
The biggest trick of the enemy is to build on all of the different little events of the day in your mind! suddenly your thinking if  i were a better mom my kids would mind me, or if i just wouldn't get so angry things would go more smoothly if i wouldn't procrastinate i wouldn't have to get out in the rain.......why am I such a failure??? When did things start to go wrong???Why aren't i like i use to be???? why??FAIL???HOPELESS?????
although there may be some truth to the thought process we begin ; when things aren't going well, alot of our thought life is false! Lies that we own instead of changing our minds and our actions!!
Today is the Day!! Ask the Lord to help you to recognize when unhealthy thoughts begin to take over your mind!! it may seem menial or not a big deal, but it truly is! unhealthy thoughts lead to depression, suspicion insecurity which leads to trouble with the spouse, boss, peers,children and etc.
So again today is the day Take hold of your mind! Put on that helmet of salvation! realize your thought process!! whatsoever things are pure whatsoever things are lovely whatsoever things are of good report if there be any virtue if there be any praise think on these things!! Philippians 4:8

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Its a new season!

It's a New Season!! God is stirring up a revival in my heart! This blog is going to be about encouraging people to look forward to "press on towards the mark!" I am a very nostalgic person at heart. I love to think about memories from my childhood or early married life or when all my children were really small. It is so fun to remember all the stories, fun times, laughs and cries i have had throughout my life and i am not saying to throw all that away to look at the new...I just know amazing things are on there way and i dont want to miss them because I am turned around looking the other direction!! So join me on my journey looking forward not missing anything taking in all the miracles God is doing! all the moments he is giving! all the Life that is just up ahead!!